Friday, June 24, 2011

Quick One-Time Scheduled Task

While you can set one-time Schedule Tasks, it is cumbersome whether you do it via the GUI interface or through a PowerShell script. Unless you might use it again at a future date, you will need to clean it up later. A quick way to obtain the same result is to use Start-Sleep. Simply open a PowerShell session under the security context you want to execute the commandlet or script and use the syntax below. The semicolon separates commandlets allowing for this technique. The date math performed in the command returns a time span in total seconds that Start-Sleep uses. The example waits till 10:55 PM of the same day then restarts a TSM backup client service using Restart-Service. This is a great method if you need to kick-off a commandlet on the weekend before you leave the office Friday night. Just adjust the date and time of the first Get-Date commandlet.
Start-Sleep -Seconds ((Get-Date "10:55 PM") - (Get-Date)).TotalSeconds;Restart-Service -DisplayName "TSM Client Scheduler"

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